Through trusted and relevant foresight, GISR acts as a bridge between research and policy. In doing so, GISR enhances the ability of decision makers in Qatar and the Arab world to develop impactful and informed contributions to ongoing efforts to resolve some of the most pressing global challenges, including conflict, poverty, state fragility, energy market stability, and climate change.


GISR serves as an interdisciplinary hub, enriching research and connecting existing expertise across Qatar Foundation’s network of Higher Education institutions and beyond in areas of global governance, conflict, peace, security, development, health, education, gender, international law, artificial intelligence, public policy, and impact evaluation, amongst others. 


GISR aims to complement, and not duplicate the efforts of others by working where appropriate, either in partnership or in conjunction with renowned national and international research institutions. GISR works collaboratively to convene thematic forums on pressing international policy issues that bring together a regional audience of academics, policymakers, young leaders, journalists, community activists, and government officials. 


To strengthen the capacity of decision makers to address global and regional challenges by employing independent and forward-facing frameworks of analysis that stimulate critical thinking, foresight, and innovation. GISR fosters diversity of thought and understanding to collaboratively tackle pertinent global governance, advancement and peace challenges from an Arab, as well as a regional perspective. 


Conduct interdisciplinary and collaborative research into the cultural, historic, political, and other drivers of global challenges; understand, highlight and propose pathways to security, peace, and sustainability.


Communicate knowledge and research findings to stakeholders through research and policy-relevant outputs.


Convene forums in which participants can freely debate, explore, and understand the rationale and driving factors behind global challenges and their impact on societies.


Develop and communicate evidence-based solutions, foresight, and innovative ideas that enhance the ability of decision makers in Qatar and the wider region to effectively respond to a changing global landscape.


Facilitate policy dialogue and support decision makers to develop their own creative responses to emerging challenges.


Run a policy research internship program that trains young Qatari and regional professionals to articulate ideas and communicate solutions addressing global challenges and shaping Qatar’s and the region’s international profile.


GISR undertakes an amalgamation of activities, including future-oriented research, events, networking, technological innovation, as well as partnerships. GISR delivers a range of outputs that constitute the main channels for its interaction with its audiences.


Capitalizing on its wide network of local and international partners, GISR employs its research capabilities to develop policy-oriented studies of pertinent value to the State of Qatar and other regional and global stakeholders.


In support of its research, GISR organizes, and hosts distinguished guest lectures, working group discussions, interactive policy dialogue, forums, and conferences. Where relevant, GISR will establish high-profile working groups of senior professionals in the form of Commissions to examine specific subjects or challenges and report on their findings. 


In collaboration and partnership with Qatar Foundation’s universities, colleges, research institutions, and other entities, GISR conducts multidisciplinary studies, future scenario exercises, and simulations, utilizing advanced technologies and computer modeling associated with forecasting around policy in order to engage decision makers.

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